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Feel the heat as you trek over active volcanoes in Volcanoes National Park. Get back to nature on a secluded fern grotto swimming trip. Explore the rainforest on your way to hidden lagoons where you can bathe sans clothing. Scuba dive in undiscovered caves. Kayak your way around deserted offshore islands. Paraglide from Popoli State Park, at 6,400 feet, down to the beaches. You can do it, and Brad Olsen shows you how. Includes extreme mountain biking, trekking, snowboarding, surfing, hang-gliding, diving, partying and much more.

The next time you're in Hawaii's tropical paradise, you'll have absolutely no excuses for not pushing the vacation envelope. With this concise, well-crafted guide tucked in your back pocket, you'll be considered armed and dangerous, and poised for a huge variety of radical island excursions. From scuba-diving explorations of Lanai's enchanting choral cathedrals to magic-mushroom excavation in West Maui's Hobbit Land, Extreme Hawaii outlines hundreds of intense and uniquely Hawaiian daily expeditions. The author's thorough and exhaustive research (he gets paid to do this?) is apparent as you thumb through the diverse assortment of sporting options and adventures. You'll be hip to the local surf spots, waterfall-diving opportunities, snorkeling locales, mountain-bike trails, white-water kayaking, and even snowboarding possibilities on top of Hawaii's tallest volcano, Mauna Kea on the Big Island.--Lance Judd (Amazon.com)

If you've seen enough of the standard guides on Hawaii, try this one out as an alternative to the regularity of the norm. We discovered lots of amazing "locals only" secrets from this book. You will too if you are going to HI for outdoor activity.--David Santosh
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