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Here is a welcome new addition to this acclaimed travel guide series: "Pocket Adventures Germany" is a lightweight volume with heavyweight information designed to be used on the go. Packed with all the practical travel information you could ever need, from places to stay and eat, tourist information resources, destination specific travel advice, emergency information, plus sections on history and geography that provide readers with the background knowledge essential to a thoroughly enjoyable holiday. The author's passion for the destination comes across in the lively and detailed text, which is packed with the very best and most up-to-date information. This is a must have volume for anyone really wanting to make the most of their German holiday. Color photos throughout. The author is a resident of Munich so he knows his subject well.

"Of the three Germany guidebooks I used, this one was the most useful and not only because it covers so many places that the others simply ignored. Although you never get 10% off for showing this book, it has enough sensible advice on how to shave unnecessary expenses off the budget without ever feeling or acting like a cheapskate. I enjoyed the author's explanation of Germany's complex history but others may like the "History Cheat Sheet" that reduces six pages of history to a half page summary. Although the author has the ability to focus on the essentials, he drops enough fascinating tidbits to keep it interesting. I also love the explanation of major trends in German culture, arts, music, and literature. The author clearly has opinions but never treats the reader like an idiot or writes down to you in any sense. As a non-German speaker I also loved the way all German terms are translated throughout the guide not expecting me to suddenly remember what is a kirch or Schloss halfway through the book. The accommodation lists are very useful especially as it focuses on the around 80-120 per night middle to upper class hotels that suit my tastes. However, even the lower priced hotels all have private bathrooms, which to me is rather essential when on vacation." -- Jane S., Amazon.com

"Great to see a guidebook on Germany in English by an author who realizes that Germany is more than Berlin, the Rhine, and Bavaria. Not that the well-known areas are neglected but I particularly enjoyed the wide coverage on the former East German regions." -- Steven, Amazon.com

Upload the Scrbd version here. Or try the Amazon Kindle edition at http://www.amazon.com/Germany-Pocket-Adventures/dp/B001NXDSAW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1234663217&sr=1-1.

If you prefer the print edition, which is 560 pages, go tohttp://www.hunterpublishing.com/index.cfm?Bookid=1-58843-596-2.
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